Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Super-Secented Giveaway

I while back I won a Scentsy Warmer and choice of Scentsy Bar from Cindy, a SuperStar Consultant with Scentsy. Before I go on about the great Scentsy products I want to begin by letting you know that Cindy was a pleasure to deal with. She asked me if I would be interested in purchasing any products from her to include with my win. I didn't order anything from her at the time due to financial reasons (coming off mat. leave and working part time doesn't really allow me to treat myself to much these days) and she never pressured me. The items were shipped very quickly, and let me tell you the scent was fabulous when I opened the box!

I chose the Sand Dollar Plug-In Warmer and the Cinnamon Cider Scentsy Bar. The Warmer is absolutely beautiful - more so than I expected! ...and the Cinnamon Cider Scentsy Bar....YUM! The smell is Mmmmmmm................

Cindy is hosting another giveaway. This time, in honor of Valentine's Day, she's giving away January's Warmer of the month, Hugs & Kisses and the Scent Berry Blush. She also says if you're not a fan of that warmer, she'll "show you some love and let you chose a different one". See - a great person to do business with!

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By the way, she's also offering 10% off EVERYTHING. That's right! So CLICK HERE to enter her giveaway. The contest closes on Sunday, February 7th so hurry and get your entries in!

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  1. Ohh...I love Scentsy!
    Congrats on your win, that's awesome!

    By the way,
    I LOVED your comment to my post:

    And, I add it to my post as my fave.

    I am still chuckling at that one!