Thursday, December 24, 2009

I Can't Find My Umbrella - Giveaway

I stumbled across a GIVEAWAY today for an umbrella. I had an umbrella - a very cute umbrella with a duck-head handle, but sadly, it's missing! It would have been nice to have an umbrella handy when travelling from the car to a store or restaurant in the rain with the baby! He doesn't really mind the rain, but wet clothes are not the most comfortable and it's nice to keep the baby dry! With a growing family I think it would be nice to have a good quality, large umbrella to share with my favourite guys. I like this freeflex umbrella. It's large size is perfect for sharing!

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I never think to buy an umbrella for some reason. Thinking about it now, even the cute duck umbrella was a Christmas gift from years and years ago. Winning an umbrella would be fantastic (and would make a nice gift to myself this Holiday Season). Head over to Umbrellas in Vancouver for your chance to win an umbrella from The Umbrella Shop in Vancouver. BE sure to check out the variety of umbrellas too!.

This contest is open to residents of Canada and the US and ends at 6:00pm PST December 31st, 2009. Enter HERE

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